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What's up, Vinglers? [WARNING: LONG INTRODUCTION BEFORE THE JUICE] I know I've been absent for a LONG time and I haven't uploaded any Learning Korean cards... but I keep on getting notifications that remind me that: I NEED TO POST. I've been feeling really weak, tired, and lazy, so I haven't really posted and my day consists of YouTube 24/7 (not really). However, I've been also reminding myself that I need to finish my website, and I was thinking a few minutes ago... what if I upload tidbits of it on Vingle before I release it? And here it is: tidbit 1. My website is basically a K-Pop website (I might add K-Drama and other things later on), and I introduce all of the groups, members, and their profile/quotes/other things. From now on, I'm going to release one or more tidbits of each group so my feed doesn't bore you!

First tidbit: CL

So the first group in the alphabetical order is the amazing 2NE1. I decided to choose CL as a tidbit because, well, she IS called the Baddest Female, but she's also one of the leaders I admire! Here's some facts about her! Real name: Lee Chae Rin (이채린) English name: Faith Lee Born in: Seoul, South Korea Birthday: February 26, 1991 Height: 162cm/5'3" Blood Type: A Instagram: @chaelincl ​Twitter: @chaelinCL Position: leader, main rapper, lead vocalist Facts: - She can speak English, Korean, French, and Japanese! - She used to live in France and Japan - She's Catholic - She used to be a JYP trainee until she brought her demo tape to YG in 2006 - Her dream is to become an American rapper If you haven't checked out her MV for "Hello Bitches", it's right here on YouTube! (It's age-restricted)