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My theory: who died? Jin, Jimin, Suga, Rap Mom, Jung kook, J-Hope ME AND YOU. THESE THEORIES WILL BE THE DEATH OF THE ARMY. Okay you know what I honestly think? I think that the plot is very simple. Bighit is trying to kill us by dropping little hints here and there and making us make the missing puzzle pieces. For now we interpret the story how it fits and then wait for them to tell us the rest. THAT WILL BE ALL. GOODNIGHT.
This is my say, why waste your brain cells on this! It's only tiring you more! This isn't a crime scene where you have to go through every small things to get your answer. Just say that they're portraying an image of their strong bond/friendship. If they lose someone, they'll find a solution to get over their pain/loss. Simple as that!
@ChelestiEdwards lmao that's how I was. But I tried making one lol that was the very first theory I have ever made πŸ˜‚ lol
I'm dead after the music video. I tried piecing some things together, and I eventually gave up cause it will never make sense to me. I'll just read everyone else's theories. ✌✌✌
Haha yeah I even got a headache lol.
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