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I freaking love vegeta!!!!!! i think he is the coolest dbz chracter and i believe that one day he will surpass goku and become the strongest like his father(king vegeta) but better i feel like he will surpass goku because he works hard and strives to work his hardest, he pushes himself pass his limit which is awesome. Tell me what you guys think about the prince?
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@jesseven that is so true gohan was my fav but now he is my second fav i love how he is at peace tho
like to point out in dbz super vegeta is stronger then goku
@TylerMaloney how can you be so sure when he didnt fight as super goku?
look it up on YouTube they'll explain it to you and plus beerus even told vegeta that he was more of a challenge then the saiyan on north kai's planet