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Well Sometimes Or Should I Say Always If I Ever Make New Friends At School They Forget About Me Or I Forget About Them Couse Did They Ever Treat Me Like a Friend to them I Hate It
I always hide my feelings about my friends and just go with the flow of what thier doing couse im afraid to be left behind just like in my past
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the friends that I make just leave me being or just forget about me but when I am on here it's just like i have friends with the same intrests'
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@RinLightKirito true dont worry be happy cause you got anime in your life 😊 but growing up is shit cause u have to be mature.... mature my butt lmao
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@ashleu2559 thanks and I know I have anime in my life
2 years ago·Reply
hahah true @ashleu2559
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I know the feeling
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