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Hey guys! I wanted to get a discussion going about what could go down in this DBS Tournament arc.
Now I haven't been keeping up with the anime but I have been reading the manga as it comes out and it's starting a universe 6 vs universe 7 arc. Each universe gets 5 fighters and Goku and Vegeta are confirmed as Universe 7 fighters. They also recommend Buu and Piccolo as fighters in the tournament. Beerus also declares that there's someone he wants to enter who is one of the strongest opponents he's ever faced. Champa from universe 6 also stated that they should have saiyans from their universe participate as well.
So my question for everyone is who do YOU think the other participants in the tournament will be?? If Akira Toriyama decides to satisfy some of the fan base then I bet we'll see characters like Broly and Bardock. I want to hear what everyone has to say about this so don't be shy and comment away!
Thanks for reading my card and have a great day! Ja ne
I agree that broly and bardock could be in it. Broly could even be the strongest opponent that Beerus faced
@schaney125 If he's part of universe 7 then he'd probably have to change brolys origin a bit to fit this continuity