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Konbanwa, Mina! So, today, the 13th question for Nani November was "what is your favorite weapon in anime?". Well, sticking with your Soul Eater theme, @VinMcCarthy, I'm choosing Tsubaki, the multi-faceted, calm and kind weapon paired with the rather obnoxious Meister, Black Star.
Firstly, as weapons go, I really like Florentine style fighting. That is, fighting with a weapon in each hand. I also prefer smaller weapons, ones closer to my hands, like wakazashi, or hand axes. Well, Tsubaki has the ability to change into weapons that allow me to stay with those styles. She has her most common mode, the chain scythe, that works perfectly on both counts. She also has a ninja sword mode, another elegant, small blade that I would be comfortable using. Her other modes, Enchanted Sword, Shadow Star, and Smoke Bomb, are also incredibly useful and although, I don't know how to use two blades connected with a chain, or these other styles, I'm sure Tsubaki will help me out!
Having Tsubaki as a weapon would also mean that I would have an awesome companion as well as a badass weapon. I love the idea that I would have someone with me, fighting with me, working with me. I also think she would have a good influence on me. I am loud, obnoxious, and overly excitable at times, and Tsubaki has a great deal of experience dealing with people *cough..cough... Black Star...* that have those traits. In fact, more than once, I've been compared to Black Star by friends.... She is incredibly kind-hearted and patient, which would hopefully help me not be so hot-tempered. She sees the good in everyone and the idea of having someone so amazing at my side is a comforting one! She is also very tough and smart, and doesn't hesitate to give people a kick (or shurukin to the forehead) when they need it; which I probably would, on occasion. Tsubakis nature I think would work well to temper mine and we'd be able to make a pretty kickass team!
Haha, @SarahRoot , no worries, I had to look it up! :)
Wow I was off.... I haven't rewatched in awhile. Lol
Kid's first day. Maybe it was 3/4?
Ep. ≈4 the best
its called a Kusarigama
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