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Who else is enjoying this album full of awesomeness and talent? I seriously thought there was nothing else BTS could do to mix my emotions after the RUN MV.. Boy was i wrong... This album got me feeling some type of way... *sigh* *dies*
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@Kieuseru yeah I've listened to each song a million times now and i don't have a favorite anymore my new favorite is the entire album lol
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@Jiyongixoxo @BAbrajan1 I kinda have the album on repeat 馃榿馃槃
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I must agree with @Jiyongixoxo the entire album is my favorite.. @Kieuseru i have it on repeat as well..
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I sure know that you are not alone. My ears have been blessed since I started listening to the album, it's like soft and beautiful porn 馃槄馃槀I freaking want to buy the photo album 馃挏
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@BelencitaGarcia i know what you mean.. Their voices tho.. 鈽猴笍馃槺
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