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Previously, anime adaptations have been frowned upon because they've become mixed up in American Hollywood culture (like the DBZ movie) or have had such bad budgets that they were laughable (Utena, Blood the Last Vampire). It seems to me that they are starting to step it up. Do you guys think so? Which ones do you like or are interested in seeing when they come out?
I don't get the same feels from live action I'd rather they stick with the animes and work on more seasons than live action
they are only good if you DO NOT compare them to the original anime/manga. it IS and ADAPTATION after all. Its like how a book becomes a movie. I personally do like live adaptations. I appreciate the effort they put in to it.
I would watch it but I would prefer the anime
if they can get the same budget as the marvel movies did, they have every possible chance to be amazing
I like the live action too, although I think they could have done better with the story for the Black butler one but that's just me
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