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Previously, anime adaptations have been frowned upon because they've become mixed up in American Hollywood culture (like the DBZ movie) or have had such bad budgets that they were laughable (Utena, Blood the Last Vampire). It seems to me that they are starting to step it up. Do you guys think so? Which ones do you like or are interested in seeing when they come out?
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y'all are really good at making anime pictures!!
I dispise live action adaptions, especially if there is already an anime, the quality is always shit. there are things you just can't do with live action, I never understood wanting make the jump.
I think it's awesome
with ouran it looked weird with Honey senpai as a j looks so strange watch ep 1 OHSHC j drama compared to the anime'll see what i mean. it would have made more sense to use a migit or a kid...
i hate them they ruin the animes and are leaving out Levi in the AOT one