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I took a lot of quizzes posted thanks to @amobigbang and I must say I'm super happy with my results!!! what did everyone else get? here's a link to the card of you haven't checked it out yet http://www.vingle.net/posts/1237792?shsrc=v
quiz 1 which bangtan boy is your man? I got my ultimate bias!!!! I just love Jin!!!
quiz 2 which bts member is your soul mate again the ultimate bias wins!!!!! did I mention I love jin!
quiz 3 who is your bts boyfriend it must be destiny!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ....I wish
quiz 4 who should be your bts bias apparently rapmon my occasional bias wrecker should actually be my bias....interesting
quiz 5 can I guess your bias? yes...yes you did
quiz6 how well do you know bts? I can't believe I got one wrong!!!! I fail at life!! quiz 7 how well do you know bts mvs now that I didn't miss!
quiz 8 which bts boy likes me most!!! that's it! we are going to have to stop meeting like this! Lol
quiz 9 what member is my type Yyyeeeeessssss!!!!!! I am on a roll
quiz 10 are you army enough of course!!!!
I love how I got jin almost every time!
it was fun!
cool. Thanks for sharing ur results!
I'm glad u enjoyed them. I felt like I found the jackpot when I found those so I thought I would share