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Ok so I (a bit late because I had work) finally watched the Run MV and I also read @BrendaValdez 's theory (here) and for the most part I agree with her. SO MOSTLY ALL OF THIS CAME FROM HER! I only have a few minor additions/ changes to what I think happened.
The timeline of the MV's are out of sequence (we all figured this out that it jumps in and out of time and reality) Jin is watching them in the three MVs, but is not actually with them The Prologue is in V's imagination, not Jin's, and the others are either attempting their own suicides or recovering*. (*:This is assuming that they do actually survive and it's not (as other theories state) someone's imagination or an alternate reality (which also connects to them undoing each other's deaths which i mention later)). And V (along with Jin not fully realizing he's dead) is reliving his memories until in the end he jumps
I think we can all agree that it's most likely that Jin died first and I Need You, The Prologue, and Run are all them freaking out about it. Jin in white room and then looks into the light are further proof that he is dead
Also the truck blocking the way at the end and them running around him (because he's not actually there) and Kookie turning to smile at him (while he is following them in the car) as a final goodbye because:...
Kookie was the only one to notice Jin
I think Kookie and Rap Mon are the only ones that are able to somewhat hold it together as they also try to help the other members, however, Suga and Kookie fight because Suga is drinking and not doing so well, and Kookie is trying to snap him out of it, but after the fight ends so badly he, depressed and discouraged, goes out and gets into another fight and then gets hit by the car. And Suga burns his room
Jimin burning the photo is the end of Run and in the beginning of I Need You. This makes me think he is the first one to try to commit suicide after Jin's death.
Jin drowning Jimin and V (the two that try to drown themselves ) Rap Mon's cigarette lights up in a gas station and Jhope takes sleeping pills
Just some random other things: They are all undoing each others deaths: I've also noticed that they are often in pairs. I wonder if this has any significance (SugaKookie, JiHope, and VMon... and of course Jin by himself) SO... Kookie blows out Suga's fire, Jimin is covered up by Jhope , Jhope is waken up to take the picture by V and Suga, and I couldnt find a pic, but I think its V who takes Rap Mon's "lollipop" out of his mouth.
Jin's card house falling is him realizing there is something wrong and this dream world starts to fall apart.
So many theories!!!!! All of them give me chills and the feels lol. sorry if this is random and unorganized. I'm way to all over the place with excitement and sadness from the MV and all the theories lol Well.. What do you guys think? @Poojas @kpopandkimchi @thePinkPrincess @BTSJimin7hearts @KellyOConnor @jiggzy19 @PassTheSuga @jessicalmichols @VixenViVi @LauraEspinoza @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever @shannonl5 @TessStevens @88kpoplove @Destiny98 @KpopGaby @DeyaniraEstrada @EleynaMorris @PrettieeEmm @aedavie @Roxy1903 @AnnahiZaragoza @Lizzeh
well I've heard 2 big theories (I'm more inclined to go with the second because it would explain the other members behaviors and because of the picture at the end of the Prologue which leads to Jimin in the tub which is in I Need U) 1. that Jin and V are the only ones alive in I Need U, and the Prologue is Jin going in and out of reality and reliving memories. then V kills himself. 2. Jin dies, then you get the boys bad behaviors in Run, then you get I Need U and the Prologue. Jin believes he is still with the boys, but has moments when he realizes something isn't right. and I agree that Kookie is the most in touch with reality. He is also the only one to notice Jin in all of the MVs.
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@KellyOConnor @StephanyAcevedo I also hope they will clarify things for us, but Big Hit likes to see us going crazy and killing ourselves, so they may nevernever fully explain just to see us all die haha
This theory actually makes a lot of sense. So deep it makes my heart cry. Very well done
so many theories I've read OMG.... I'm not committing to any theory until after the extended version comes out and see if they do something special at the MAMAs to further explain it... but this is pretty thought provoking. I feel this is more plausible than others I've read.
@MandyNoona she was saying the same thing which is why I wanted people to see it lol. and yeah hopefully they will elaborate so people can stop going crazy haha