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So I've been trying to figure this one out with you all for like.....has it been ten years?? It feels like it has..... Anyway, I'm not sure if this is important or not, but something that caught my eye from watching the music video is that there are only 5 members in the back of the truck....and from what I can tell it's everyone except Rap Monster and Jin... Now if you follow the whole Jin is dead and not really here....then does that mean....Rap Monster is really driving the truck? I'm not okay with any of them being gone, but this really struck me in the gut when I thought of the possibility and I wanted to share. @SugaOnTop Tag anyone you think would be interested and let me know what you think in the comments below!! Stay strong ARMYs we can get through this together!
i think Jin is alive but Rap Monster I have no clue. scratch that I just have no clue. It can make sense either way with Jin alive the boys dead or Jin dead boys alive and Rapmon is just the monkey wrench making it all the more confusing.
n I have no idea it's been messing wth my head to wth all is madness idk I'm confused as well
@SugaOnTop it's ok I don't mind being tagged twice haha
The theory that would match this is the one where Jin is alive and Rapmon is Death/Grim Reaper.
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