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(Hey guys. I post my imagines on Wattpad as well as Vingle and one of my followers asked me to make my imagine 'V: As The Rain Drops' into an actual story. So I have started writing it. Sadly, Thanksgiving break is over and I will be returning to school so I won't be able to update as much but I hope you like it. Tell me if I should continue after you read the first chapter.)

Chapter One: Flashback

*5 years old, Kindergarten, June 30th* "Taehyung?" I heard my mother call. "Yes, eomma?" I run to the kitchen and see my mother putting treats into a basket. "You know there are some new people moving in down the street, ne?" She looks down at me. "Yes, ma'am." I nod, my hands behind my back. "Would you like to go say hello with me?" She finishes packing the basket and kneels in front of me. "Mmm.....I don't know." I balance on one foot. "They have a little girl you could play with. I bet she has a lot of toys." My mom tells me, smiling. I think for a bit. "Okay, eomma." My mom grabbed my hand and lead me out the front door and down the street. I saw a large moving truck driving away. My mom and I walk up to the front door and she rang the door bell. Few minutes later, a foreign looking woman answered the door. She looked like she just got done doing some heavy lifting. "Oh. Hello." She smiles, warmly. "Hi. I'm Kim Yuna. We live just down the street. I was just coming by to welcome you to the neighborhood." My mother smiled back, I got shy and hid behind her legs. The lady saw me and kneeled down. "Aww. Who is this? Is this your son?" She asked my mom. "Yes. This is my son, Taehyung. Honey, say hi to the nice lady." My mom ruffled my hair. "....hi" I muttered quietly. The lady chuckled and stood up. "Would you like to come inside?" She asked. "Oh. We couldn't intrude. You look busy." My mom shook her head slightly. "Oh it's not a problem. Its very hot out here. Come in." She moved to the side. My mom walked in. I followed, still gripping her long skirt. The lady closed the door behind us and motioned for us to sit on her sofa. She walked to the kitchen. "Would you two like something to drink?" She asked. "Do you have any water?" My mom asked. "Of course." She walked back with two cold water bottles. She handed them to my mother and she sat on the couch opposite us. "I apologize. I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Patricia Yoon. You can call me so." She smiled. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Patricia. It was very nice of you to invite us into your home." My mother opened my bottle and gave it to me. "Oh it was no problem." She brushed it off. "Mommy?!?" We heard a little girl's voice come from upstairs. A girl around my age ran down the stairs. Her pigtails bounced as she ran to her mom. "Yes, Jacklyn?" She hugged the little girl. "I can't find Mr. Bon." She pouts. "Mr. Bon is in that box." Ms. Patricia pointed to a box titled 'Jacklyn's toys'. Jacklyn ran over and pulled the tape off the box and took out a medium sized white bear and hugged it. "Your daughter's name is Jacklyn? Isn't that....." My mom thought for a bit. "Jakyung in Korean?" "Yes it is. She hasn't gotten used to it yet." Ms. Patricia cleared up. "Jackie sweetie?" The little girl looked up. "Yes, mommy?" "Please say hi to Ms. Kim and her son Taehyung." She gestured to us. I got scared and gripped my mom's skirt again. She stroked my hair reassuringly. "Hi!" She waved happily. She ran over and held her hand out for a handshake. My mom smiled and shook her hand. She did the same to me but I didn't shake her hand. She laughed. "Ms. Kim?" She looked at my mom. "Would Taehyung like to play with me?" She asked my mom. "I don't know. Would you?" My mom looked down at me. I shook my head. "Aww. Come on. I have Legos." She bargained. "Come on honey. You like Legos." I nodded and stood up, putting my hands behind my back self conciously. "Come on~!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs. I blushed slightly. She lead me to her room and my eyes grew wide. She had so many cool toys.  We played a few different games. I grew more comfortable with Jakyung. She was so fun. The one toy that caught my eye was a Optimus Prime action figure. My gaze kept wondering to it. She saw me looking at it. She walked over to it and grabbed it. She then walked to me and gave it to me. I took it in shock and looked up to see her smiling. "You can have it." She smiles. "Oh no....I can't take him from you." I try to give it back. She shakes her head and holds up her Bumblebee Transformer action figure. "Its okay....Bumblebee is my favorite anyway." She smiles a toothless smile. "Taehyung honey. Its time to go." I hear my mom call from downstairs. I smile back at her and we both head downstairs. I see my mom bowing to Ms. Patricia. I walked over to her and we left, my mom and I starting to walk home. "So did you have fun?" She asked. "Yes eomma. I did..." I look down at the Optimus Prime in my hands and smile.
(Did you like it? Should I continue writing the story? Tell me in the comments. BTW: PullUpOnYouWacks is my Wattpad user name and I didn't know Taehyung's mom's name so I made up one....)
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