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LOL I love this πŸ˜† Ama eat some more NOW!! Hahahah
hmmm. goku, naruto. and luffy did train. to say zoro. sauke. and vegeta are second best would be a lie. there not exactly the main protagonist of their series. but that doesn't mean there not at equals. .
@DaiGakuSei :) a lot of people don't like it cause It's not canon :/ and it's not part of a manga.... Also the person who did that anime show DBGT is another guy is not the same creator of DBZ πŸ™ˆ and that's why a lot of people really hate on GT lol me personally I loved it To me it was really good Cause Goku still acts like Goku I think it would have really bothered me If they would have changed Gokus character in general in GT but they didn't so yeah :) ^_^ I hope that helps lol and I hope I make sense πŸ™ˆ
It's important to know how to enjoy yourself. lol
@JeniferJasmin really? not cool.
@DaiGakuSei you are welcome my friend :) i am here to help ^_^ heheh and I know There are just picky people out there sometimes lol πŸ˜†
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