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AOTD: Okay I was going to make this card earlier but like I was bombarded with work. Don't procrastinate guys. ANYWAYS BTS. LIKE WHEN YOONGI HELD THAT CHAIR I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA HIT JUNGKOOK LIKE DAMN CALM. THE FACT THAT NAMJOON AND TAEHYUNG ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER MIGHT'VE MADE TAEHYUNG TURN BAD? IDK. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE OF NAMJOON'S INFLUENCE. AND THEY KEEP ON FILMING JIN. THIS GIVES ME A BAD FEELING. This is because a) Jin can be just their imagination or b) maybe Jin died. But there is no proof that he died so yeah. And maybe because of Yoongi and Jungkook's could've lead to Yoongi setting his apartment on fire and Jungkook getting crashed by the car. Jimin and Hoseok in their white clothes could be that they are healing in the hospital or a stop before they reach afterlife. BUT NOW THERE ARE SO MUCH PLOT HOLES. Watch in the end they just did it for the lolz.