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So Im going to choreograph this song. (unless BTS already has choreo for it but we don't know yet) SO I'm exclusively asking Kpop Vingle Fam for YOUR opinion!! This song is amazing and I can honestly see many possibilities for choreography. I usually incorporate color guard into my Kpop dance covers where I write choreo. SO MY QUESTION IS: For this song, do you think I should choreograph it like: 1. only dance 2. only swing flag 3. only tall pole 4. dance and swing flag 5. dance and tall pole 6. or dance, tall pole & swing flag
this is my original video of choreo for Butterfly after the prologue video (tall pole)
these are my choreography with dance and swing flag references, Mul Deul Uh-Sungmin & Like Oh-GOT7
and finally my choreography with dance and tall pole reference, Loser-BigBang
everyone...you won't believe but I legit almost have the whole song choreographed already...I'm like surprising myself. I thought it'd take a while~
Do you have a riffle or saber? I think it would look awesome with some Choreo to those!! But personally out of these I would say dance and swing flags! :)
I really like the dance and flag. Can't wait to see it!
oh well number 1 only dance
@katiems Oh! When I was in guard we had this super huge silks that went on the long poles. They were heavy as shit but they worked beautifully for slower songs
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