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Well, we've seen glitter eyeshadow, glitter eyeliner, even glitter mascara, but with that being said, why is the concept of glitter eyebrows still completely bizarre to me?!

Apparently, this is one of the hottest new make-up trends to taken up beauty and fashion-forward Instagram celebrities, but I can't help but wonder how someone could willingly subject themselves to so much glitter. (Glitter is like sand on anti-depressants. Sure, it seems chipper AF, but it'll still get places you definitely don't want it to be.)
I mean, is this supposed to be flattering? I'm not one for makeup-shaming. You can do what you want with your life. But don't come crying to me or anyone else ready to say 'I told you so.' when an AWOL fleck of tinsel puts a permanent scratch in one of your trendy little retinas.

It seems that this bizarre trend is being picked up by men AND women across the country, but now I want to know:

Would anyone here consider doing this? Do you know anyone else who has?

look up glitter beards
Hey... if people can bedazzle their Who-ha's.. then they can sure as hell glitter their brows. This does not surprise me in the least. 馃槀 It's ridiculous.
wa dis!!?? no sah!
I have seen this in public, and there is no way I will ever do it. out of all glitter fads, this one is a tank. as are the bedazzled eyebrows. personal opinion. I'm sure there are those who love it
I've had to do this several times before as part of a performance costume/makeup, complete with glitter lips. 馃槕 It was always soooo uncomfortable. As for offstage? NO. Not even.
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