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[12 Days Of Parks & Rec] Day 1: THE SECRET SANTA GAME!

Welcome, one and all, to Day 1 of the Funny Community's holiday-themed event, the 12 Days of 'Parks & Rec'!

Today's game is going to be all about SECRET SANTA PRESENTS!

It's Christmas present exchange time at the office of the Pawnee Parks & Rec department, and you're about to open your gifts! Unfortunately, April fell asleep from the monotony of holiday cheer, and your name ended up being the only name people could choose from.

Can you tell which 'Parks & Rec' employee bought you which present?

Check out the presents below, consider the following office employees (Ron, Leslie, Tom, April, Andy, Chris, Donna, and Jerry), and leave your best guesses in the comment section - the official answers will be revealed tomorrow, along with a complete winners' list!

Now, onto the gifts!

So how did you guys do? Could you figure out who bought you what?

Leave your best guesses in the comments below, and find out if you got all the answers right later this week! (And feel free to follow the official '12 Days of Parks & Rec' collection below to be among the first to know the next day's special 'Parks & Rec' holiday game!)
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