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Looking For League Players
Unranked level 30 looking to play with some frequent players to make the game more enjoyable, I generally fill but excel with Top, Jungle, and Support. Anyone that's interested, please don't hesitate. Looking to get my solo/duo rank, as well as a ranked team going for the 2016 season. I look forward to joining you all on The Rift!
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Well, I'm glad you're all interested. My summoners is Toufy and once I'm finished with my vacation from all the toxic, I'll be ready to go.
2 years ago·Reply
If I don't accept it right away it's because it's the end of the semester and I won't be on much this week or next
2 years ago·Reply
I main adc but don't mind filling usually. I really dig Sivir,Karma,Diana, and Fiddlesticks.
2 years ago·Reply
I play jungle or top ! send me a request @ oX Suicidez
2 years ago·Reply
haven't played for a while but could use a reason to get in again. tank or support
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