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@VinMcCarthy I've always want to be a great archer, so Kikyo's Bow and Arrow. Inuyasha was the first anime I saw that used it so I've always liked it
And dreamed that one day I could be as good as her; now whether I have the skill to wield it so gracefully and powerfully, is another story
I don't , but a bow and arrow is always a classic and I know it's not specific to just Inuyasha but I figured why not give my childhood weapon wielding fantasy and its wielder a shout out :D and not to put a damper on other choices, but I could actually get one in real life :) you know if I could afford it :/
@SarahRoot she always will be :)
Aw Kikyo was pretty awesome
I also thought about the same one. But then I chose the archer class from the Fate series (both Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night [UBW])