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@MichelleFrazier Someone actually rolled her eyes at me, because my friend told her I was learning Korean, my friend is happy that I'm learning it, because she is a Kpop fan.
But really, I don't care what people say to me about learning Korean, it makes me happy, and I'm going to keep doing it, just now whenever I see her, I wear my Hangul t-shirt, or I star quoting random K-Pop lyrics just to tick her off.
I learned and taught my 3 niece she speaks fluently and I'm so proud. monsta x is her favorite
my language is now a mix of Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish and English. Needless to say my wires get crossed quite a bit.
I've said that to my friends before! I've listened to my K-pop playlist for so long that when I put my IPod on regular shuffle, I get confused when an English song starts playing for a moment.