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(ignore the caption lol) Not sure if I wanted to post a picture of myself, but hey, I did it anyway *REBELLIOUS AF * (I'm sorry if this picture comes up too much or something. Hope you don't find it as spam). Well might as well use this time to introduce myself!! :) Hello everyone one. My name is emily, and I am 22 years old. As you can guess, I know spanish lol im hispanic. I am currently in college. Studying to be an elementary teacher. I love animals♡ And I love anime, I've loved it since a very young age (5yrs old). As I got older, probably entering 7th grade, I got into manga. my gosh...lol I can go on forever!! but anyway. I love drawing and I've been drawing since 8th grade and I find it to be more than just a hobby of mine. It's almost like my gateway drug xD jk but it is very important to me. Especially with music♡ Anywhoooo, I have no pets but I do take care of several stray cats in my neighborhood. I'll post pictures some time. hmmmm, that's about it I think. If you want to know or ask anything. just comment or message me (: Also, anyone wanna be amigos on snapchat? :3 user: earsx18 (I think lol) or just msg!! Tumblr friends!!? :) Hazeyghost18 warning though....poo v.v lol
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whats your snap chat
@AnjelParker oh really? how trippy lol and alrightyy :) hehe mine is ears_1994
@Earsx18 yeah I'm like oh myyyyy while reading lol
I'll add you mine is samib.4d
@LuvlyMochi I'll do the same :)