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Anyone watching the Ravens take on the Browns for Monday Night Football today?

If so, let's keep a live discussion thread going on this card!

I had a lot of fun with @RodneyYoung @Starbell808 and @KyleBerke during last night's game between the Patriots and the Broncos! So you guys should definitely join if you are planning on watching the game!
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Bwhahaha!! I checked the scores and high lights this morning....smh XD LMFAO!!! Its a a bitter sweet win, but I'll take it!! XD LMFAO!!!
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@Straightshooter Hahaha nice. It's all good! The game was really fun to watch for a non-Browns/Ravens fan!
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@mchlyang division games always are! also another reason, one that I did not know at the time, was that had the browns would have been the first time EVER that the browns would have swept the ravens. So im actually glad after all that the ravens won. ALSO good news for us....this weeks looking as though that maybe, JUST MAYBE all the teams that my team needs to see lose for us to be only a game behind could all in fact ACTUALLY VOULD HAPPEN!!!!!
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PITTSBURGH dont have its key player, including big ben this week VS the COLTS. BUFFALO hosts the texans in a good home game in which TEXANS has been doing pretty good. the struggling JETS take on the GIANTS who need to win to get back the kead in the division and DENVER hots the RAIDERS!!! So if all the home teams minus pittsburgh win and the RAVENS beat MIAMI then were 1 game behind. which is bullshit cause we should then be tied with them.
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@Straightshooter Holy cow. I did not know that it would've been the first time the Browns could have swept the Ravens! Also yes! Things are getting really interesting especially after the Patriots lost their first game of the season!
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