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From my "See What Your Followers Want You To Do" card, @AimeeH was the only one who actually wanted to know about me! I thought on posting this now since I'm not sleepy nor do I want to sleep.... So...20 facts coming up!
1. My dad always wanted to have a boy first, but I, a female was born first. So he treated me as if I was a boy and dressed me like one too. 2. I'm the biggest crybaby you'll ever meet! If you were to look at all of our family photo albums, there's multiple pics of me crying, even to this day 3. I used to play soccer at my church but quit after my mom yelled at me for not scoring a goal when I was defense and my job was to protect the goalie (as my coach instructed). 4. I don't consider myself a tomboy but I'm not lady-like. I mean, I have manners but I HATE crossing my legs when wearing dresses/skirts. I like to have my legs open to where my inner thighs can breathe! (was that too much info? )
5. I have a brother with cerebral palsy. The most adorable boy you'll ever meet! Even his teachers say that he has such an unforgettable and contagious smile!
6. When I was in 4th grade, I beat all of the 5th graders in Spelling Bee. 7. When I was in Student Council in 5th grade, my friends and I would skip our last class to teach and read to Kindergartners. 8. At the age of 7, I was curious about this razor my parents had in their drawer and I accidentally shaved half of my fringes (or bangs) and to cover it up so my parents wouldn't suspect anything at that moment, I pretended to sleep in my parent's bed with a towel on my forehead.
9. I made a mistake on dating a guy who I knew was a player and ended up wanting to stay single FOREVER! 10. My mom accidentally turned me into an introvert, but I'm thankful for it as I didn't end up 16 and pregnant and all I do is fuck around with YouTube because of K-Pop. But also, when my friends invite me to their parties I always fake a situation just to not go. I'd rather lock myself in my room and talk to my imaginary friend. (Yes I have an imaginary friend named Conscious!) 11. I'm the first person in my family to go to College. Yeepee -_- suffering alone!
12. I was in choir throughout my entire Elementary and Middle School career. I also joined church choir but quit after 3 years. (@thePinkPrincess @nenegrint14 I'm working on the singing challenge and @glo86 @Exoexo @Rhia I'm learning some raps for the rap challenge so hold ya horses! )
13. During my 7th grade year, I got Bell's Palsy where half of my face was paralyzed and it was one of the worst experiences ever. Especially when my friends knew about it and kept staring at may come back but I'm hoping it won' mom sometimes teases me about it and it hurts me because she didn't realize the impact it had on me.... 14. I was born on January 7, 1998. (Please write my birthday on your calendars and gimme something! Just kidding!! XD) 15. I'm such a party pooper!! I hate going to parties as I'm always sitting out taking care of my brothers while my parents are the ones having fun -_-
16. I have never gone to a K-Pop concert but one day I will!!! 17. I got into K-Pop in September 2012 by a Latino show named "Top 20" and they showed Super Junior Mr. Simple, Super Junior M Break Down, SNSD I Got A Boy, TVXQ Humanoids and Wonder Girls Like This. Eventually I fell in love with Super Junior immediately and they were my first and will always be my true loves! ^_^ <3 18. I began reading fanfictions as soon as I heard about them like a month after I got into K-Pop. My first fanfiction was Railway Experiences which is an EunHae fic (my first fave OTP) in Asianfanfics which you will need to confirm if you're 18 and up. I was 14 at that time but I cared less XD (dayum, such a bad girl!) From then, I got inspired to write fanfictions ^_^ 19. I own 2 K-Pop albums. Jung Yonghwa "One Fine Day" and EXO 'EXODUS". Soon, I'll own Part 1&2 of BTS "The Most Beautiful Moments in Life" (ordered them 4 days ago).
20. I've never confessed this to anybody but you guys and I've mentioned this before. I dislike being left alone or ignored. I become invisible when our little group meet together and I'm tired of's like I'm a statue that they glance at for a minute and leave within seconds. It's like I feel left alone but at the same time, I want to be alone.... You guys actually make me feel "human", do you get me? It's like even if we're miles apart, you make me happier than what my friends at school make me feel....I just wanna shut everyone out and only listen to your crazy selves. I wanna be happy like I used to be....but I'm not the type who wants attention from everyone....I just want someone to listen to me and give me an answer with sincerity and want as they talk to me....
I admit that I got a little chocked up writing the last fact. But that's something that's been going on for 3 years now.... I just wanna say thanks for everyone who made it at the end! I probably felt like y'all were talking to me face-to-face, crazy huh? But guess what? I'm still not sleepy and it's past 2 am...have to get ready for school in 4 hours...yay!! -_-
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@ButterflyBlu Oh no it's fine ^_^ so considerate of you
@KpopGaby Your brother is so cute!! And I'm the same way girl. I never want to go out of my room lol XD And if anyone doesn't I'll make sure u don't ever feel alone. That's the worst feeling. Trust me I know :)
@thePinkPrincess My brother is so adores! He's my baby ^_^ and thank you :) y'all already make me feel better
It's easier on line than in person...most people around me don't understand my love of kpop.
@JaxomB nobody really understands why I'm like this...why I like K-Pop or socialize with online people.