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Nabi checked her phone again and sighed. What was taking him so long he said he was coming to get me so we can walk together. Jimin had tried so hard when he last came over to comfort her because of what his girlfriend said. He promised that she wouldn’t hurt their friendship because Nabi was more important than a snobby girlfriend. Just then she heard the gate bell and she went to check who it was. “Its me fool hurry up lets go.” It was him though he was running late. She grabbed her coat and keys heading out the door and down the path. She opened the gate to see him beaming at her. “Hey beautiful come around these parts often?” She hit his chest scoffing. “Shut up we’re late, and its not funny I look like crap today. All this dry air is killing me.” “I don’t think you do.” Jimin put his arm around her waist just high enough that she thought nothing of it. “Your flattery will still get you no where you were late and now we’re late.” She hurried with him along the roads till they got to the secret spot. Before they rounded the corner Jimin let go of her allowing her to get ahead of him before he followed. She was to preoccupied with seeing the boys that she was oblivious to him. “I missed you all so much.” She hugged each of them as they stood up to greet her. Nabi sat in her usual spot between Namjoon and Jin grinning like an idiot at the happiness she felt. It had been far to long since she saw them all together like this. They were all smiles but she could see the sadness and worry in some of their eyes. It was slowly getting dark and she was glad for the fire they had. Everyone was talking amongst each other. “Is it true you and Jungkook are a thing?” Namjoon whispered only to her. “What!! No that was a complete misunderstanding wait how do you know?” She tried her best to keep quiet. “He tells me everything you should know that. Yoongi seemed pretty upset I think it was because he likes you.” “What really you think so?” ‘But it will break Kookie if he chooses me. Unless Yoongi says something before he confesses. It would still hurt him same as rejection.’ “You think you could find out for sure?” “Why you like him?” “What! No!... Maybe…I don't know.” “You so have a thing for him. Won't Kookie be hurt if he likes you too.” “That's why I asked.” ‘Well not liking me but liking Yoongi.’ “I'll see if I can get him to spill. Don't want you wrapped up in a love triangle.” Nabi just laughed ‘Way to late for that'.
Hahaha glad to know I make you think. @KellyOConnor I think I'll be on a roll of updates soon cause I broke the block.
@SugaOnTop Nabi, Yoongi, Kookie, & Jimin are definitely in it but I forgot about my baby Hobi so it's a quintet! I had to make a lil flow chart to map out what I think the relationships are lol.
Oh I'll feed you Kookie @LilySilver hahahaha /pervy grin/
Seriously! thx!😆 @SugaOnTop
@Mightmuffin Namjoon knows everything. Before Nabi he was the one everyone would talk to being the leader. You're like the only one who caught that. Good job. He's so Sweden about everything though.
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