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Street photo graphy in INDIA
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Publish more please. As a photojournalist I want to understand the following when I look at the work of other photographers, can you please answer the following questions? 1) What are we seeing; who are these people and what are they doing? Why are they doing it? 2) Why did you take this photo? Are you trying to share a specific aspect of the lives of your subjects or bring to light a viewpoint about their experiences - from your own point of view? 3) Did you talk to them and find out what they were thinking and feeling - their point of view? This is a powerful photo. It tells a story. It also begs the questions above. Taking a powerful photo and sharing it isn't enough... you can help the people who look at this photo better understand the importance of it by sharing the three things above I asked you about; what is the theme/story behind what we are seeing, what is your point of view, and what is the subject's point of view... do this and you will elevate you photos to a whole new level.
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