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So I have this trouble a lot sometimes (sometimes I don't even know that I'm being cliché because I haven't seen everything everyone's seen, but searching top 10 cliché things for _____ category is one way to stay ahead of the game.) Some clichés are good, but people try so hard not to be cliché by doing the opposite of what it is that it also becomes cliché as well. for example: I have a zombie story where the main guy is bitten and they take him to this scientist because word got around that he's working on an expiremental antidote. If I let the antidote work and he lives it's cliché because you would expect the main character to live when everyone else dies But if he dies. It's also cliché because then it's like well of course he dies. He got bit and they've been traveling to long. Like I don't know about you but when I watch apacolypse things as soon as someone gets hit I'm like Welp they're dead. If they stay alive it doesn't make me surprised, and if they die it doesn't make me surprised. So what should I do? I don't know I'm still in the process of making some kind of weird twist ending. If you have any ideas! Let me know!
Perhaps you could think of a way to throw a plot twist in like his body can't be saved but his mind can. The doctor transplants his brain into a new body and he has to work on gaining control of the new body he is in? Just a thought.
That's actually pretty cool! I'll think about it, thanks!