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Am I the only one who thinks that having a robot in your life would be pretty damn cool?

I mean, sure, there's the obvious fears related to robots taking over (also scary) but I really want to have one in my life!! So that got me thinking...

Which robot or robotic anime characters are your favorites?

Please list them in the comments!!! I want to make a list of people's favorite robot/ic characters, so I need your suggestions!

Here's two of my favorites:

Franky - One Piece

Our loveable cyborg :)

Mayuyu - AKB0048

What's not to love about an idol robot fighting to protect the world & their love of music?!

So, who's everyone's favorites?! List them & I'll make the list card in a few days!

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Android 17 is the coolest
Any Android from the Dragonball series... or we could go classic and say Astro Boy. ^_^
Thanks for all your opinions guys!! I'll put together the card later this week so keep bringing them :D
Genos one punch man
Franky Megaman Androids 18