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I'm bring it back, I was going through my Big Bang files and I came across this again and all I can think is "Awww he's gonna be a great dad" (I'd be jealous of the kid tbh lol)
You can really tell that he likes then like , look at the way he interacts with the kids♡♡
Just imagine a mini GD!!
His face when the kids didn't remember him though XD
He's Big Bangs leader so why not include the band themselves to right..... let's see Big Bang perform with their "mini me's" shall we ...
Who do you think the Best father in Big Bang will be?
GD is really a man that can brighten up someone's day, he is just this lovable person and when you meet him, you are in the verge of tearing up that the boy in front of you is the boy that change your life..... Just by doing what he loves ;v; thank you GD for not only what you do, but by your existence..... Saranghae GD :')
that is like super cute
Gd is so great
mini gd OMG I WANT TO SEE THAT 😘😘😍