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When it comes to beauty and convenience, we are all for it.

As women, we make it our business to keep our nails in tip top shape. It's apart of the lifestyle. For most it's a bi-weekly appointment, while others never miss a day out of the week. If we had the time and opportunity to do so, we would all probably be in the nail salon weekly -- but that's not the case, although it can be. Because Los Angeles happens to be such an innovative state and they pretty much have all your needs on wheels, they're now bringing the nail salon to you. Colton Mobile Nail Salon is now making every woman's dream come true in the city of Los Angeles by traveling everywhere from your office to your neighborhood to hook you up with a full set. Talk about convenient and classy.
The newly launched mobile nail salon is an express service that doesn't make you wait, meaning you can be done within 30 minutes of your appointment. The great thing about this salon is that it caters to the needs of all, offering both natural and vegan options. Owners of the salon on wheels say, "By meeting you where you are, we save you time and energy while offering the same luxury and top quality services as brick and mortar salon." I am super sold. Now, they just need to open a location on the east coast and I will be good to go.

Ladies, are you sold on this amazing idea on wheels?

definitely! @keribvby