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Hayao Miyazaki and his films will always hold a special place in my heart/brain space. Mostly because they're beautiful pieces of art that should never be forgotten and, you know, I saw a bunch of them when I was younger so they all have that nostalgia factor added into it.
So, when I was in a weird turkey-induced fugue state, clicking on anything and everything I could get my little guinea pig paws (guinea pigs have paws right? I mean, I'm pretty sure they aren't called little cutesy hands) on. I found these two videos courtesy of Cinefix's 8-Bit Theater and nearly lost it.
I watched both of them back to back and had really intense, weird, strange, amazing dreams about playing both of these games.
In this dream, I was probably 8 or 9 (I constantly feel like I'm 8 or 9 in an adult human/hamster/cat body, so this imagining this mind-state wasn't that hard). And I was sitting on this zebra-patterned couch my parents used to have when I was around that age.
My mom had just brought me a giant bowl of Cheese Balls (they were my favorite snack) and RC Cola (shut up) to enjoy while I played. And to be honest with you, I didn't get far in this game. I never got too far in video games when I played them when I was little.
I had this idea that games were a great way to escape and they had no ending. Like, they were made to be impossibly hard just so you could keep playing them forever and when you get bored you move to the next one (this changed when I played the Legend of Zelda, but that's a whole 'nother card). So I played this one over and over and over until my bowl of Cheese Balls was empty and my stomach was filled with artificial soda sugar (I think I still do this now).
And then I switched over to Princess Mononoke (which is probably my favorite Miyazaki film). In the dream, I didn't play too much of this one. I sort of just watched it being played. You ever get dreams like that? Dreams where, suddenly, you are nothing and the people in the dream are everything? Like you have no control and you're just watching things unfold in front of you?
That's how it was for the Princess Mononoke portion of the dream. Little Paul had played a little bit of the game until my mom told me it was time to go. And from that point on, I had "lost control" and watched a young, innocent version of myself, follow my parents into a car where we were whisked away to a house. A house that felt familiar but I've never been inside it in my waking life.
My whole family was there and they had different foods laid out on the table in the dining room. My grandmother, smiled as we walked in, and I remembered heading in there and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She told me she was proud of me. I watched myself sit down on the corner of the couch and play with some action figure I wish I actually had when I was younger. And woke up.
It was alarming at first. How I saw now deceased family members crowding around that dinner table, telling stories in our native tongue, laughing and eating. But after a few moments, I realized it was something to smile about. I travelled between worlds, my dream and my subconscious. The land of the dead and of the living (if you're prone to believing in the afterlife and stuff, if not that's cool, whatever, no judgments) and I had the chance to spend time with people I wish I could see again.
In a way, the videos above, the amount of turkey I ate, and my dream allowed me to enter my own Miyazaki movie. One that was about me and my life. And, hey, who could ask for anything more? Right?
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@NicheTake You're welcome! They do a lot of cool things with movies and video games. The only other one I've seen was one with Mad Max: Fury Road. Have you checked out any of their other videos?
I watched the terminator one and the fight club one.
Beautiful card! Man I so play these games!!
*i would so I got too excited. Lol
I love these so much!!! I own both movies too. plus KiKis delivery service, howls moving castle, and my neighbor totoro!!