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Idk if you guys have watched this yet but you need to! The song is super catchy and the queen herself CL is in it looking gorgeous like always😍 but seriously this video is weird but that's typical Psy , I love it now have a new song that's gonna be stuck in my head!
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@catchyacrayon 😂😂😂that was my exact reaction I've learned not to question Psy and his life choices anymore haha
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I love it!!! :D I hope this song goes viral !!!!!
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lol this video,I can't believe ha ji won was in it!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@russelroche47 She was the teacher wasn't she? I was like wait! I've seen her in Secret Garden and The Time We Were Not In Love dramas!
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@AnnahiZaragoza me too!! Psy is amazing so it probably will go viral
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