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Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!! Ch. 2 Link to the first ch.
After everything that i had encounter i just went straight home. i walked in drop my bag on the table. Then fell on the couch trying to process everything that happen. I could stop thinking of that man he was gorgeous. Just thinking about him had me blushing and hugging my cushion. With a heavy sigh i whispered " Will i every see him again?"
Suddenly someones knocking on my door. Boom the door swung open and (Y/Bestfriend) walked in looking at me upset. "Why haven't you answered my text i got really worried" She/he said looking at me with a frown. I jumped up and walked to my purse that was on the dining room table said : what are you talking about i haven't received any texted since i left the mall." She closed the door and sat on the couch she sighed " At least everything is okay i sent you text if you wanted food once you didn't responded i knew something was up"
I turned to her with a whisper " i lost my phone" She burst out laughing and said " are you sure maybe you left it at you Boyfriend house? That you fail even mention to me, what best friend you are" Looking puzzled i replied "what are you even talking about you know very well i don't have a boyfriend?" Then she said " well some guy answer it maybe you dropped it at the mall?" at that very moment i realized that man had my phone. I yelled " OMG!!! He has my phone how am i going to get it" (Y/Best Friend) Throw the pillow and Yell" Dummy just call him from my phone maybe he will answer and then you can get your phone" I took her phone and dial my phone number then the phone began to ring, ring, ring.... I could feel my heart beating of how nervous i was... ring, ring, ring .....
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