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Pisces Comment yours below ^Ο‰^
crap I have to fight light
Awh but I don't wanna fight Honey Senpai!! he's so cute and he'd kick my ass! Let's not forget how crazy strong he is ..... (Β°~Β°)
oh pices i feel bad for youπŸ˜‚ i got Virgo...Well, i want blue roses on a dark blue coffin. i aant to wear an orange t-shirt, combat boots, blue jeans, and runes tarrooed on me in permanent marker. I also want all kf the mangas to every anume I've ever watched buried with me, along with my percy jackson books, and a bag of dum dums, and an extra large bar of hershey's regualr milk chocalate buried with me. Oh, and on my tombstone I want it to say "She was killed by Light Yagami. Don't screw up, kids... or your name will end up on the internet." either that, or "You're next."
Why couldn't I be an Aries? I can take Eren. XD Izaya looks like he'd kick my ass up and down Rockerfeller Center.
@KellerBertrand I'm trying to figure out ways not to die
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