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You can have your wedding cake ladies. I am not going to tell you to skip that essential part of your wedding. All I am going to say is, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CAKE POPS TOO at your wedding.
Since sweet tables are more than a trend at weddings, they're pretty much ubiquitous with receptions, then you cannot forget these stunning one-bite treats! For inspiration, I included this fabulous picture from Colin Cowie where these delicately-shaded-pink confections were dressed with a smattering of edible gold glitter dust. Now, this isn't cosmetic or craft glitter, which is commonly quite toxic and hazardous. This is the sugar type that retails for 2-3x the cost of regular glitter.
To keep costs low, you could always make these yourself instead of ordering from a bakery, which will cost you $2-$6 each, depending on your location and the bakery (and ingredients...). Or, you could order plain cake pops and glitter them yourself, for a virtual hassle-free low-cost approach.
What will you do? What are your favorite flavors? I am all about salted caramel. And citrus-infused chocolate. SO GOOD!
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