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The Good Dinosaur released recently and while that's an occasion on its own, on November 22nd, 1995, Toy Story was released. And Toy Story set in motion a world where we've all shed tears over animals, bugs, rats, robots, old men and talking dogs, cars, and monsters.
If you told me 20 years ago that I would've cried over any of those things, I probably would have not listened and stuffed potato chips in my mouth because I was a young, emotional, hungry baby boy. But I can honestly say that I'm glad I live in a world where some of the best stories I've been told were about all of those things above.
In a short 2 minute video, Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. edited Andrew Stanton's TED Talk with bits and pieces of all of Pixar's work and it's something that acts as a wonderful reminder of what a lot of us have had the privilege to experience in our lifetime.
Andrew Stanton's TED Talk voiceover is what gets to me the most. It's a great reminder of how to tell stories. I don't think that I'm the greatest storyteller or that I'm an amazing wordsman but at night, when I'm alone, I like to pretend that I am the best storyteller. That every word I type or write down on paper is a piece of the next great novel.
And after watching this 2 minute video over and over and over again. I realized that I needed to listen to the TED Talk in full (which is weird for me because I generally don't listen to TED Talks at all). And there are things in Stanton's talk that really resonate with me:
For me, there's no greater ability than the gift of another human being giving you that feeling -- to hold them still just for a brief moment in their day and have them surrender to wonder... Use what you know. Draw from it. It doesn't always mean plot or fact. It means capturing a truth from your experiencing it, expressing values you personally feel deep down in your core.
And that's the most interesting thing I've ever heard (today and probably, maybe tomorrow). Stanton reminds me, and all of us, that storytelling is about true and actual feelings. It's not just trying to fool or manipulate the audience into believing the things you're putting on the page. It's about pulling something wonderful, beautiful, and maybe even tragic out of your life and expressing it in a way that'll resonate with other people.
If you want to experience Andrew Stanton's full TED Talk, I left it for you below to watch whenever you feel like you have the time.
@ButterflyBlu yep, but I want Incredibles 2 馃槪!!!
@Sharia ohhh me too!! I can't wait for Finding Dory!! <3
We're also getting another Toy Story, I hear!
What's your major @AmbieB! I studied journalism and we talked about storytelling SO much haha. I'm fascinated by it!
I remember having to watch this for one of my classes in college. We watched a few TED talks in my major and this was definitely one that resounded with me because I love to tell stories. This really hit home for me and reading your card here made it stick with me all over again.
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