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Here's a clever idea to nix the bubbles and rice-throwing at your wedding: Throw Popcorn! Now, certainly, for this to work, I'd advise against letting your guests raid the popcorn bar for their arsenal. You want to use all natural popcorn that has been air popped without the addition of oils, salts and flavorings. And obviously, no kernels!
A bride and groom did just this idea by stuffing muslin saches, that were sikl-screened with their initials, with plain popcorn. Guests were then able to grab a back on their way out for the recessional of the bride and groom at the close of the reception. This idea is primarily about keeping the ground free from objects and particles that are not biodegradable.
Also, many venues won't allow you to throw or cascade anything because of the mess and litter. Some cities require permits, as is the case for balloon releases. Check with your venue or wedding planner for all the ins and outs of that sort of thing. In the meantime, plan on popping some fresh all-natural corn for this cute idea.
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