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Does Deadpool Want To Die?

Because it seems like the only thing he *can't* do.

He's been stabbed, shot in the head, vaporized... pretty much nothing has taken him down for long. And his one true love is Death herself (yeah, that old trope of wanting the girl you can never have). All evidence suggests that Deadpool can't actually die. Wouldn't he get lonely after a while? Watching everyone he knows die... I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

So, that's Deadpool on the left, yeah?

Sorry to get all ~dark~ on you Mercs... what can I say Tuesdays give me the blues! @LAVONYORK you're the expert on all this, what say you? Does Deadpool have a deathwish?
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by killing them they would be come like him unable to die ever . and to kill not only them but their inspiration they were created from. and the creators and maybe viewers them selves but ultimately went astray after sherlock pushed him him the center of all universes and he made the world in his image leading to his dead by real deadpool
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yes it was
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very profound moment
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yes, he does. Its pretty much his only want
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The only thing Deadpool has nothing left to really live for. Lady Death is the only woman he actually loves, and everything else in his life is just material desire.
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