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Because it seems like the only thing he *can't* do.

He's been stabbed, shot in the head, vaporized... pretty much nothing has taken him down for long. And his one true love is Death herself (yeah, that old trope of wanting the girl you can never have). All evidence suggests that Deadpool can't actually die. Wouldn't he get lonely after a while? Watching everyone he knows die... I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

So, that's Deadpool on the left, yeah?

Sorry to get all ~dark~ on you Mercs... what can I say Tuesdays give me the blues! @LAVONYORK you're the expert on all this, what say you? Does Deadpool have a deathwish?
He had at one time, he was in love and the only way for him to be with death was to die which he can't do. He only sees death when he gets knocked out hard enough. But he learned that is not how life should be and it was not going to work out. He moved on and tried to deal with being in pain (physical and emotionally) all the time. As in the love department he found love, even though Blade wanted to kill her, rightfully so she is a monster a succubus to the exact. She chased Deadpool's coat and he gave in. The concept of the photo you used is great. He would be in the middle but his life is everlasting and he would be a ping pong ball.
yea @LAVONYORK hit it dead on, deadpool actually did try to die so that he could be with death, it's actually my favorite comic book love story because it's kinda sad
Lol @buddyesd read the post lol its about Deadpool and death itself
in his words to wolverine your strongest power isn't regeneration its popularity that's why when you die you never stay dead since the veiwers love u
isn't that why he killed the marvel universe because he wanted peice and quiet but he couldn't die
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