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How well do you know Spider-Man?

We're gonna play again because this game is so much fun! I'll tell you two truths and a lie, and you'll guess in the comments and we'll all see how much you know about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Ready? One hint only: We're definitely talking about Peter Parker here, not anyone else in the Spider family!
He once transformed into a Spider
He has a genius-level IQ, up there with Tony Stark and Reed Richards
He's Jewish
[Warning: there's a NSFW pic at the bottom of the card!]

Here's last week's:

Laufey is actually his mother (not his father) LIE
He appeared in the comics before Asgard did TRUTH
He's canonically sung songs from the musical Wicked TRUTH
While in Norse mythology Laufey is Loki's mother, this isn't the case in the comics. It only seemed fitting to have a tricky one for one of our most beloved tricksters! Thank you to everyone who guessed!

And there's a bonus Loki singing in the shower for all of you.

Even he can't resist those catchy songs from Midgard.