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American Apparel Has Employees Wear Questionable T-Shirts

Your favorite retailer strikes again.

When it comes to American Apparel, if it isn't one thing -- it's another. The popular establishment has been known for sparking controversy when it comes to both their means of advertising and their clothing. I'll admit, some things the company allows can be a bit brash and over-sexualized. Of course, they wouldn't let time pass them by before they were back in the lime light. As you know, Black Friday is the one day that people go crazy -- literally. Well, apparently American Apparel thought they would join in on the festivities this year and have their employees wear shirts and/or pins that read, "ask me to take it all off". This slogan was in reference to their Black Friday sale that allowed customers to get a percentage off of their purchase, but not too many people found this as clever including employees. One employee was very vocal about the companies idea of cleverness and the fact that people as young as 15 years old work for the establishment. Although I do so what American Apparel was trying to do, I can also see why some people didn't find any humor in the idea.

Clever or controversial?

Would you wear the shirt if employed at the company?
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