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Just kidding. We need both.

There have been a few articles floating around online (which I won't link here because they don't deserve the traffic) claiming that the success of Jessica Jones will hurt Supergirl. They are wrong for two reasons. 1: Because the ratings on Netflix shows are not at all competing with network television. 2: Because it turns out there can be two superhero shows about women and the world won't implode. That last one is honestly more important.

No really, it's okay.

Nobody was arguing that Daredevil was going to hurt the Flash, despite the fact that the two shows actually have more in common (they're both dudes and heroes and wearing red!) because... that's silly. They're telling different stories, in different mediums (network vs. streaming), they're not even from the same comic book company. People can like and watch both and it's not even worth discussing. So why even compare Jessica Jones and Supergirl?

Okay, we all know why.

Because women are held to a different standard, and so are the interests and media that are "for women" (not to say guys wouldn't find something they enjoy from Supergirl or Jessica Jones, obviously that's just as silly as everything else about this). The only thing I can say is: judge these shows on their own merit, because they're completely different and they both seem necessary.
Supergirl is a story about a young woman struggling to find her place in the world, gain confidence, learn to accept help, and balance her life. It's appropriate for younger audiences as well, ages 12 and up.
Jessica Jones is about a trauma survivor dealing with the aftermath of an abusive relationship and her struggles with the justice system, her own coping methods, and stopping the cycle of violence. It's definitely rated R for content.
Both can coexist because stories are important and completely different!
... can you tell I just really want everyone to be caught up on both of these shows so we can fan the freak out together?
I've only seen the first episode...well, more like scattered fragments of the first episode...of Supergirl, but it seemed like it would be pretty good. And you know I became an instant fan of Jessica Jones. I can't believe two very different female characters would have to prove their right to exist simultaneously...I don't think that's coming from fans, creators, or really anyone to whom these shows would be of importance. So, their bigoted opinions don't really matter. Numbers will prove that audiences are ready for female supes.
Epic rap battle!!!!
I've only seen one episode of super girl, but I'm pretty confident in saying that I like Jessica Jones better. its got so many layers to it that really make you think.I'll be doing a card on it soon.
its just naysayers with their "this town aint big enough for the both of us" rhetoric... only the fans and time will tell
@RobertMarsh @BeannachtOraibh @ChosenKnight @GinTenma @tardisdragon7 @SaSevy @MaighdlinS @scarfskeleton @ButterflyBlu @InPlainSight @baileykayleen @DonovanMoore @chris98vamg @jibarito did you hear about this? I'd love to hear your take @JustinMims21 @MoisEsGaray I think Jessica Jones is probably my favorite of the two, but truthfully I love both of them and I'm glad they both exist. Supergirl is def way more appropriate for young kids!
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