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Dedicating this awesome Christopher Poindexter quote to the Love Bugs in Love and Relationship Community this morning.
Have you ever been so loved that your thoughts, dreams and fears were enveloped by the other person? That, regardless of this or that, whatever was going on, the other person CHOSE YOU, to love you through it all. That they were so intimately aware of you, there'd be no place to hide, and nor would you want to hide. Their tender love was so genuine and all-encompassing, there would be no other enclave.
Tell me about your most romantic lover. Are you still together? Married?
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@Arellano1052 that's beautiful. You're such a beautiful soul, my friend. @marshalledgar oh yes... I've been in this kind of love before... twice. Once, with my husband. We had been friends for so long. He waited for me. I waited for him. Somehow, we made it through war and so many levels of life. Someone snatched that love away from me way too early in our marriage. But I have this image of him continuing to wait... Who knows how long? He's stubborn and loyal (to a fault), so I imagine that someday, when I die, I will find him waiting. The second... Well. My best friend and I have been friends for 20 years. He is probably the only person who knows me the way that he does... completely. He knows me better than I do sometimes. When I am afraid, sad, lost, or frustrated, he's the one I call. He's the only person I've ever known who would Literally drop everything for me if I needed him, and vice versa. He lifts me up when I need it - sometimes quite literally. ;) He never says "just calm down" but instead lets the storm rage until it's over. He's that light in all of my darkest moments. He's never offended by me just being me. He's been patient, waiting for me longer than any person deserves to wait. Does one deserve to have two experiences with this kind of love? I LOVE that quote, by the way. Intensely. 馃挏
You are more than blessed @Butterflyblu to have experienced TWO incredible loves as you mentioned.
@Humairaa, do you think that the two of you will eventually patch things up and return to each other?
@marshalledgar no there's no hope at all. Actually it's better for both of us coz we're from different religions so it'll be more difficult for us later
I see. @humairaa. at least you hot to experience that incredible journey early in