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2015 was a long year. Well, actually it wasn't any longer than any other year that preceded it. It was still about 12 months long (give or take, I'm not really sure how time works). But a lot of movies came out this year -- like they do every year -- and I think there isn't a better way to celebrate all the end of 2015 with Ben Zuk's Supercut/Salute to 2015.
The minute is almost 7 minutes in length and it's kind of amazing to see how Zuk decided to cut together the different movies. I'm not sure if he included all of the movies that have come out this year (he did include some bits and pieces of movies that have yet to be released) but it's still quite an amazing feat.
While I was watching this, I thought it was "just cool". And by that I mean it was something that I was just watching to pass some time before I play some video games. But as the video ended I found myself covered in that strong-silent type tears. You know, I'm not saying anything but smiling and tears roll down my face.
Mostly because the supercut itself acts on something that is intrinsic to all film. It doesn't matter if you've seen every movie he included or if you even like the movies. But he amazingly captures the way film and cinema can be used to awe and inspire. The way he merges the visuals of separate movies together and the audio of some of them reminds me that film is here to touch all its viewers on a deeper level.
It reminded me why I switched my major halfway through my academic career from Communications to Film Studies. This might be a little dramatic but it reminded me of the reason why I fell in love with cinema in the first place.
As 2015 comes to a close, let's all hope for an even better 2016 cinematic year.