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Let's make it weird Marvelers.

We took last week off, so I hope everyone has recovered from their turkey day because it's time to play another Mad Lib game! We'll take it easy this week and do it the old-fashioned way: I'll give you a list of words and you'll fill in the blanks. Then I'll share the story we created on Friday! Sound good? Heck yeah!

This week's mad lib needs:

1. -ing verb
2. famous person
3. past tense verb
4. adjective
5. body part
6. adjective
7. noun
8. noun
9. body part
10. adjective
11. noun
12. body part
13. noun
14. past tense verb
15. past tense verb
16. adjective
17. food
18. body part
19. adjective
20. food

You know what to do Mad Lib crew!

Let's make it weird.
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1. nail filing 2. Barack Obama 3. flicked 4. festive 5. back of the knee (the kneepit if you will) 6. quickly 7. table leg 8. human leg 9. the other human leg 10. foreign 11. noodle 12. brain (the noodle in your head c: ) 13. box 14. complained 15. scoffed 16. zesty :D 17. fruit cake 18. left nostril 19. festive (again) 20. tamales
took me a while... but I did it!
@YoSoySoysauce aw shoot I missed yours before I posted it T_T I'm so sorry! I'll put them in the next one I promise!!!!
lol my fault my fault! it's ok! :D just remember to keep it festive. lol
@YoSoySoysauce oh my goodness I'm gonna have to!! Lol the two human legs are probably gonna make an appearance though because that's priceless XD