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Day 29 - Taeyang - Artist I Look Up To
I look up to him because he worked really hard for what he has. I watched the documentary about how the boys in BigBang trained for a few months before the decision of their debut was made and I realized something.
Taeyang had been next to GD nearly the whole time they were trainees, several years. And since they were the same age and there at the same time, they were unsurprisingly compared to each other at times. However, GD had serious natural talent going for him, he worked hard for sure but a lot of things came a little easier and showed results faster.
Taeyang would have to sit and listen to criticism, sometimes pretty harsh, and then hear raving praise for GD about how he seemed good enough to have debuted already with maybe a tiny tweak criticism(of course he got strong criticism at times too). Or at times he would even be used as an example for the younger trainees, like Seungri, of what not to be like. He used what could have been a reason to give up, as a reason to work harder. I think people knew he could take the criticism and use it; which is probably why they did it but it had to be hard to hear. Especially when you see the looks on his face when it happens.
Taeyang was chosen initially to be a rapper, later on they heard his singing and thought he was original sounding and a diamond in the rough kind of thing. He hadn't planned on it. So I think for an idol who planned on being a rapper to become an amazing singer and an awesome rapper is pretty, well, amazing.
He worked his ass off to become something he hadn't particularly planned on, which is quite the obstacle. But what I really look up to is how kind he is, how humble he is, aside from showing off his hot bod but I ain't complaining, and how he is a really good friend. If I had been compared to and watch someone kind of one up me a lot, unintentionally because GD wasn't trying to rub it in his face or anything, then I would have been more than a little bitter. Eventually I might be less salty once I knew I was doing my best and had something to be proud of but initially I'd be pretty unhappy. But he used discouraging moments and tough love as something to push him to work even harder.
I want to be a less petty person and my attitude is kind of based on low confidence and constant comparison and he shows me how someone should act. He simply infires me ^_^
Had to take a sabbatical for BTS hell week so I'm back lol
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@Helixx Seriously though. It will be forever but since they renewed their contract then they will probably be around long enough to make another trip here! Especially since they are getting more popular here too.
2 years ago·Reply
@MadAndrea Thank you
2 years ago·Reply
@Helixx yes I'm definitely saving so I can go all out and maybe even go see them in Korea haha
2 years ago·Reply
And through all of that training, when they started the documentary his grandfather was hospitalized and he could only visit him ONCE!! YoungBae definitely had uphill struggles, buy he maintained and pushed through them ... love this man!! He really is an inspiration, someone worthy of looking up to. Just thought I'd add in another tidbit.
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@YunBao Oh I completely forgot that part. That made me cry when they showed him in the hospital talking with his grandfather. God, he felt so bad, and I felt so bad for him.
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