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Leggings are a girls best friend.

Not only are leggings comfortable, they're also extremely convenient. Those mornings when you have to make a quick run but don't really feel like throwing on a pair of jeans, leggings are there to save the day. If you happen to be into fitness and you often find yourself trying to find the perfect place to store your phone, look no further. Lifestyle brand, Lume Lifestyle has creative the one innovation that pretty much every fitness chick should invest in like as soon as possible. Lume leggings give you a place to store your phone whether you are doing squats or a 5K marathon.
According to Cosmopolitan, "Lume launched a Kickstarter campaign for the leggings last week; the campaign will run until Dec. 25 and has a goal of $10,000. The leggings will eventually sell for $88 on the Lume site, but early backers of the Kickstarter campaign can get the leggings for $38 (the super-affordable $17 pairs are already sold out)." It's amazing when you hear the story of how this amazing innovation came to be. Co-founder of Lume, Waira Mungai told Mashable, "One day, while waiting for a client, I noticed a woman put her phone in her waistband. She started exercising, and her phone fell to the floor. That observation led me on a journey that ultimately formed [our] female focused inspirational brand." Is it just me or has this creative invention put you in the mood to work out? Maybe, it's just me, but these leggings definitely need to be on my must-have list.

Ladies, are you sold on these leggings?

I definitely am.
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If only I knew how to sew! @DawanaMason I don't blame you though. Although I think they happen to be one of a king.