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A shoulder to cry on, a friend, who never leaves her, the one with whom she can say anything she has on her mind, she is his best friend, the one with whom he has all the adventures, both respect, adore & love each other and never want to leave each other's side. One person who will have her back all the way. Whatever happens both will support and encourage each other all the way. I want to be that person who supports her. This is the kind of relationship which I want. It's gonna take time of course, to find the right person. Let's see where life takes us.
That sounds like the ideal relationship. I hope you find that person who complements you.
Love this! I try my best to be in relationships that are mutually supportive to. Otherwise, what's the point of being with someone? You are there to help each other be better! :D
It's the best kind of relationship! That's for sure. ^.^ It does require a commitment of time, patience, understanding, and encouragement, though, to build up a relationship like that over time. (Just speaking from experience!)
@nicolejb You won't believe this, but My father speaks Italian too! I am learning on my own using his books and of course Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood! :p
@niclejb Am Learning Italian..trying to use italian words ;)
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