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If only we had a friendship like Anna and Karl.

Of course, I'm talking about thee Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. In case you weren't aware, the two happen to be total best friends and I am super jealous of their relationship. I'm pretty sure you're be jealous after I dish the details in a second as well, so keep scrolling. As we all know, Anna's birthday was last month, but Karl decided to bless her with a gift just because that's what friends do -- right? Well, brace yourself because the gift she was gifted with isn't quite your typical best friend gift. I mean than again, they're two fashion legends, so what do you expect?
At The British Fashion Awards last week, Karl gifted his long time best friend Anna with her own tennis court he had built for her on his own property [as a ploy to get her to visit more often] . Wintour said, "Karl was trying to give me somewhere I could feel at home, where I could be myself. Next life, I would like to come back as Choupette, [Karl's] extremely beautiful and bourgeois cat, who has two maids, a chef, a personal hairdresser and many diamond necklaces." We shouldn't have expected anything less from a man whose dog is living in the lap of luxury.
obviously I am out of the loop. Since when have these two been besties? Nevermind where I've been...attempting to live under a rock, apparently.
wow!!! awesome gift
I was wondering the same thing, but apparently they've been close friends forever! @marshalledgar
So amazing!! @marshalledgar