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I need U original version opens with Jin sitting on the bed holding the 6 flower petals. it then goes on to show the other members looking distressed and lost. showing the elements In which we later think is what 'kills' them. we see the members start to lose control and see everyone's suicide attempt except for Vs. we also see the tears Jin sheds and heart break he feels and watching the lose themselves. it also gives us a peek at their survival. J-Hopes eyes open after he collapsed on the ground, and then scene of him burning the pills would be after that, Rapmon drops his cigarette and gave them up. Jimin cries but comes above the water.
Then we have prologue which opens with V cleaning himself off and calling who I assume is Jin saying he wants to see him. yet he knows he can't because Jin is already gone. then it skips forward to V meeting up with the guys at the abandon pool. I think this is after they let Jin go and have started to move on. When Rapmon comes up to V in the beginning I think it was his way of welcoming V back because he was the last one to attempt dying. Not the first one like it seems later. Junkook points out 'Jin' and they all look bewildered, they hug him and I thing that was them saying goodbye as a group. They can now hang out and do everything they use to and it shows that with V outlining Rapmon, and them parting and dancing like we see in Run. Then is shows them all at the bonfire. Rapmon rights "you need to survive" on the mirror. I think it was a message to him as well as the others because they learned and are starting to remember that even though Jin is gone they still have each other. We see suga still playing with the lighter but can also see that him and Junkook are closer now. you can see the hesitation In Jimins face but they also decide they are ready to go to the beach again. Junkook blows out the flame helping sugar the way he was trying to help him when they fought in Run. then they remember their memories with Jin and make new memories. then the picture Rapmon takes of Jin and Suga that In the end we see is just Jin and he begins to realize he has to let the go too. prologue shows a lot how close Suga and Junkook have become.
Last but not least we have Run. One of the opening scenes is them parting together, and getting crazy. shows V outlining Jin but he puts the X through him to show he isn't there anymore. We see Ramon and V causing trouble like they would when Jin was there to make sure they didn't get caught. one of my favorite parts of the video is the smile that V and Ramon share she. They get caught. you can see in their eyes and smiles that they are okay now they are getting back to normal. while that is happening we see Jin building the house made of cards which represents his fantasy of still being there and laughing with them. His fantasy of still being alive. the look he gives after V knocked it down is one of realization but also worry and fear. it flashes to V being under the water thrashing around. it shows Jimin visiting J-Hope in the hospital. J-Hope starts a pillow fight like one they have all had before. then it shows the problems and the fight that happened between Suga and Junkook. throw everything Junk took is the one was able to cope faster and understand more than the others. when Suga trows the chair it shows the moment the cards fell again then it shows Jim again. when the cards fell the was Jim's fantasy collapsing and him realizing how bad they are struggling and how out of control they are getting. It shows Junk took sitting there when they were partying and then again but no ones there. the went from being together to all of them being alone. they raise havoc and we then see why Jimin Choose the bath tube. the video for the most part ended with Junk took smiling In the headlight at Jin in a way of telling him they would be alright. until the end however we aren't sure if V is going to come out of the water but when he does that's when they all accept that's he gone and work on moving on. she. V decides to live is when the flower blossoms on Jins shirt and he opens the blind so he's no longer in the dark room trapped with memories and the troubles of watching his friends destroy themselves. He's able to move on.
I am amazed and love what big hit did. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and continues to be SURPRISED by BTS. I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. I LOVE THESE 7 BEAUTIFUL IDIOTS ❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤