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My favorite part of the Nani November Contest was being able to reflect back on all the different anime I've watched. The questions were very unique and fun to answer! Sometimes I just don't know what to post on here and @VinMcCarthy 's questions really helped me expand my collection of cards. Thank you for the effort and creativity you put into the questions!!
Taking part in it got me better acquainted with this community and that makes me very happy ^~^ It makes me wanna dance like the gif above^
It's a bittersweet feeling that it's all over... I'm glad that I was able to be a part of it, but I wish it didn't have to end~
I'll be looking forward to that, then (x @VinMcCarthy
this is so sweet! and thanks! though just because nani november is over doesn't mean the fun has to be! there's still dope people to meet and talk to and theres always more to come in the future.