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A tribute I did with the U.S.S Arizona. being in the navy I'm very fascinated with WWII Battleships and wierd story how this came about. I was watching Dragon Ball Z The Revenge of cooler, and at the end of the movie this song came on. I really liked it and then I'm on the computer looking at the tribute to the USS Arizona and for some reason this song kept playing in my head, so I thought about matching the two together. Tell me what y'all think!
Awesome! thank you so much for doing this! My grandfather was in the navy and worked on a submarine actually:)
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Awesome @nicolejb, Thank you! Thank Your Grandfatther for his service! What era did he serve?
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Vietnam! @Elvisimo my dad just retired from the army too, and my bother just joined. lots of military people in my family.
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